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Estadístiques NEW in 2.0

Monthly average data charts for wind speed, wind gust, waves height, waves period, and the number of days per month for each wind and waves alert level.

Rosa dels vents NEW in 2.0

Wind and swell roses are available for all consolidated alert levels, and also for each individual alert level.

Rosa del swell NEW in 2.0

Map mode can be changed to satellite to better understand how the spot works for all directions.

Spots propers

Spots are sorted by distance from user location. By default, conditions are displayed for current user time.

Filtres dels spots

Time filter is useful to compare conditions between nearby or favorite spots at your next session time. Nearby spots also support a distance filter.

Opcions dels spots

Swiping a spot cell in any spot list will display all spot options like: Add or remove from Favorites, Radar, Map or Tide.

Previsió 1h

Spots forecasts feature wind data (direction, average and gust), wave data (direction, height and period) and weather data (temperature, clouds and rainfall). By default, time interval is 1 hour.

Previsió 3h

Spots forecasts feature three time interval modes: 1 hour, 3 hours or 24 hours mode. Default interval mode can be defined in app settings. It is also posible to enable/disable nighttime data.

Previsió 24h

The useful 24 hours interval mode displays daylight highest wind and waves conditions, and the time that they will occur. This allows to quickly check the 8 days forecast.

Previsió gràfica

Features a 10 minutes data resolution, and integrates with wind, wave and weather charts a nice tide chart, if tide available. Three zoom levels are available: 0.5x, 1x (default) and 2x.


Search will suggest spots, regions or countries while typing. If no matches are found, then search will be performed based on the typed location.

Resultats de spots

When a spot is selected among suggestions, its forecast will be displayed together with nearby spots forecasts, sorted by distance. Distance and time filters are available.

Resultats de països

When selecting a country, spots will be sorted by conditions. As time filter is also available, it's amazingly easy to check strongest conditions in a whole country, region, or at any location, at any time in the following 8 days.

Mapa de la llista de spots

All spots in any list can be also viewed on a map. Wind and wave alert levels shown at each spot location represent daily strongest conditions.

Mapa de previsió

Browsing alert levels by weekdays makes really easy to understand how the forecast will evolve in a certain area.

Modes del mapa

Maps support standard, satellite and hybrid modes. Enabling satellite mode and zooming will display interesting geographical details.

Radar de la previsió

This tools will help you to quickly check wind and swell directions in relation to the coastline shape, per hours, for the whole 8 days forecast. This will be your favorite tool if you are looking for specific orientations.

Sideshore layout

Big swell with perfect sideshore strong winds... Next friday at 16h will be an epic day!

Offshore layout

Big swell with offshore light winds at Margaret River... Tomorrow at 14h will be the day for surfing!

Menú del spot

From the forecast details view, the spot menu will guide you to other spot options like Radar, Map and Tide. Soon more great features.

Mapa del spot

Browsing the spot map can help you to discover nearby spots that may be matching better with current forecasts.

Marea del spot

Tide data features daylight times, moonrise times, moonfases, high and low tide times, tide heights, and tidal coefficients for each tide.